List of scientific publications utilising the data generated through the OzMammals initiative.

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  • Eldridge MDB, Deakin JE, MacDonald AJ, Byrne M, Fitzgerald A, Johnson RN, Moritz C, Palmer S and Young A (2020): The Oz Mammals Genomics (OMG) initiative: developing genomic resources for mammal conservation at a continental scale. Australian Zoologist 40 (3): 505-509
  • Rick K, Ottewell K, Lohr C, Thavornkanlapachai R, Byrne M and Kennington WJ (2019): Population Genomics of Bettongia lesueur: Admixing Increases Genetic Diversity with no Evidence of Outbreeding Depression. Genes 10(11): 851
  • Roycroft EJ, Moussalli A, Rowe KC (2019): Phylogenomics Uncovers Confidence and Conflict in the Rapid Radiation of Australo-Papuan Rodents.Systematic Biology, syz044

  • Duchêne DA, Bragg JG, Duchêne S, Neaves LE, Potter S, Moritz C, Johnson R, Ho SYW, and Eldridge MDB (2018): Analysis of Phylogenomic Tree Space Resolves Relationships Among Marsupial FamiliesSystematic Biology 67 (3): 400–412