Leadbeater’s possum conservation genomics

Exome capture of specieswide representatives of Leadbeater’s possum: reconstruction of the past to plan for the future

How are species management actions informed by knowledge of the evolutionary history and exome variation of populations of Leadbeater’s possum (Gymnobelideus leadbeateri)?

This project will provide information for species recovery managers on candidate sources of gene pool mixing with lowland LBP, the nature of the difference among forms of LBPs, risk assessment of outbreeding depression during gene pool mixing, identification of any highland populations needing genetic rescue.

Project coordinators:

Project collaborators:

  • Dan Harley (Zoos Victoria)
  • Alexandra (Sasha) Pavlova (Monash University)
  • Joseph Zilko (Monash University)
  • Kevin Rowe (Museums Victoria)
  • Jeremy Austin (University of Adelaide)