Marsupial phylogenomics

This project is using exon capture sequencing to generate high quality sequence data from all marsupials native to the Australo-Papuan region.

Family-level marsupial phylogeny based on exon capture sequencing data
[figure from David Duchêne’s article in Australasian Science]

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Publications arising from this project

  • Duchêne DA, Bragg JG, Duchêne S, Neaves LE, Potter S, Moritz C, Johnson R, Ho SYW, and Eldridge MDB (2018): Analysis of Phylogenomic Tree Space Resolves Relationships Among Marsupial FamiliesSystematic Biology 67 (3): 400–412

Read a summary of this work published in Australasian Science in 2018: What Do Genomes Have To Say About Marsupial History? (pdf available).