Welcome to the Oz Mammals Genomics Initiative website!

The Oz Mammals Genomics initiative is developing genomic resources for Australia’s mammals, tackling wildlife genomics at a continental scale.

Oz Mammals Genomics

This collaborative project will create a framework dataset that will be a foundation for developing a comprehensive understanding of the relationships of our mammal species – including recently extinct species – that will underpin both studies of their evolution, as well improve understanding of extinction risk. Genomic data will be collected from species around Australia as well as from historical specimens from the Australian and International museum collections.

The consortium objectives are to:

  • Build a foundation of genomic data to advance our understanding and conservation of Australia’s unique mammals;
  • Establish genomics as a key capacity across Australian museums and government agencies, build the community to sustain this;
  • Increase awareness of the public and conservation managers of the diversity of Australian mammals and how genomics can aid in their protection.